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SHRA Autumn/Winter Bulletin 2020

We have postponed publication of this Bulletin until the end of the second lockdown. The arrangements to put a Christmas tree in the village are in hand but it is unlikely we will be able to go ahead with our annual carol singing event.  If you would like to pay your subscription by standing order please email contact@shra.org.uk and we will send a form.

Strawberry Hill Residents’ Association

Strawberry Hill is a community in West London on the north bank of the River Thames in the old county of Middlesex.  In 1747, Horace Walpole moved to this area, acquiring a house which he developed into his “little gothic Castle”.  He named it Strawberry Hill and the immediate area is named after his creation. A good starting point for exploring the rich history of this small area is our History page.

An aerial view of part of Strawberry Hill, showing the station (left), Walpole’s Strawberry Hill House (centre right) with St Mary’s University in the foreground and Radnor Gardens on the River Thames (top right)